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There isn’t only one way to sell. Every situation is different, so Southern Properties United, LLC, is prepared to offer you multiple home-selling options. We want YOU to make the decision that works best for you! Call us now to find out how we can help you! Sell your Southern Property or land today!

Cash Closeout Program

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A streamlined real estate transaction with no showings, except for a scheduled appointment with our acquisitions specialist. We handle all closing costs, offering a hassle-free experience. The the off will be below-market-value, it caters to those seeking a quick and efficient sale, without the need for extensive property showcasing. This straightforward process, typically closing within 14 days, ensures a prompt and stress-free solution for sellers.

Structured Resolution Program

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Our Structured Resolution Program offers a unique and beneficial solution for individuals facing various challenges with their properties. Tailored to those who may be behind on their mortgage, confronting foreclosure, or struggling with minimal equity, this program empowers homeowners to swiftly resolve their situation. By selling their home to us subject to the existing mortgage, they can walk away with the equity they have accrued, paving the way for financial recovery and improved credit. Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience, with the property sold in as-is condition and all closing costs covered. With no need for traditional showings, appointments with our acquisitions specialist provide a personalized and efficient approach. This program not only addresses financial concerns but also facilitates a positive step towards a more secure and stable future in as little as 30 days.

Equity Preservation Program

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The Equity Preservation Program (EPP) is our preferred option for homeowners seeking maximum returns without the hassle. Unlike a typical cash offer that is well below market value, our program presents a more generous 60-80% qualification of market value with a 60-90 day closing period. This program allows you to forgo closing costs and repair costs, catering to those not in a rush to sell but want to get the most possible money for their property. While showings are necessary, our team manages scheduling, marketing, and connects your property with buyers willing to offer closer to market value. These buyers will typically use traditional financing and use a real estate agent. Working with us, we handle inspections and repairs necessary for the financing to be approved, ensuring a seamless, hands-off transaction for you. And in the end, we will buy the property from you for with all cash qualification you were given.

In House Financing Program

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Our In-House Financing Program offers a unique opportunity for property sellers. With this program, you effectively become the bank. The property is purchased at an agreed-upon price, and we make direct deposit payments to you every month. The property should be mortgage-free and requires no repairs—it’s bought in as-is condition. The key advantage lies in tax benefits. By reporting the sale as an installment sale, you spread out capital gains taxes over several years. Unlike a cash offer, where taxes are paid upfront, our program allows for a smaller tax burden over time. Sellers only pay taxes on the gain portion of the payments, at capital gains rates, often lower than ordinary income tax rates. Additionally, taxes need not be paid on the portion representing the return of the seller’s original investment. This program offers a strategic and tax-efficient way to sell your property.

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